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Bankroll Management When Playing Slots Online

Bankroll Management When Playing Slots Online

In the land of make believe, a player logs onto a top online casino, plays no deposit slots, presses the button on their favourite slot and with the first spin, wins a progressive jackpot prize of a few hundred thousand dollars, takes the money and goes of to live on a desert island forever.

Unfortunately, in the real world, that kind of story is highly unlikely to happen. However, that doesn’t mean players shouldn’t be able to enjoy a slots session now and again. Research show that most players look at slots as entertainment and rarely expect to win. They place a slots session in the same category as going out for a good meal, to the theater or a night at the cinema. Something to be enjoyed, relished and looked back on with fond memories. Best of course is if those come free, like with no deposit slots.

It doesn’t mean that players would turn down any money they did win while they were having such a good time. However, to take the maximum for any slot spinning session, a little forward planning might be required.

The first steps that players should take when they sit down to play some slots at a top online casino are to decide on the following:

  • How much do they want to spend?
  • How much time do they have?

Players should never be slow to ask for a bonus from the online casino they like to play on. Most players prefer to wait till their stake has gone before asking for a bonus, while others ask even before they make a deposit in the hope of getting a larger one. This is a strategy that usually works. Once the player knows exactly how much they have to play with, they can then decide how much they would like to win in this particular session.

If they get lucky and hit a lucrative winning combination early on, then they are faced with a dilemma. Cash in or carry on? Most players will carry on playing because they are having a good time and winning is of less importance to them. They have some time to spend playing slots and they want to make the most of it. Even if they run out of time and there is still money left in the playing kitty, it will still be there for the next session.

That’s what is meant by managing a bankroll for slots players- getting the best value from every spin and every deposit made.

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