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Castle Builder: What To Expect

Castle Builder: What To Expect

The latest installment in online casino gaming is here and promises a lot to both players and online casino operators alike. Castle Builder is Rabcat’s latest slots game featuring 5 reel slots and 15 pay lines. The game takes players on an interesting trip into the past as a castle builder in medieval times. This cartoon themed strategy game features numerous bonuses, awards and rewards for the player allowing them to gain wealth and fame for their quality work. Rabcat really outdid itself on this project judging from the numerous features supported and the ground breaking level based slot feature. Below we take a more in depth look at the supported features and what it means for both operators and gamers.

First and foremost let me begin by stating that this game and the supported features totally change how slots have been played in the past. Players and enthusiasts can expect to find unique features that enhance the playing experience.

Castle Builder comes with an easy to understand user interface. The face of the game is made of simple cartoon graphics of the five reel slot. All controls and buttons are clearly visible and easy to use.

The level based slot system is where the game trounces its competition. Gameplay takes on different levels, changing as the player progresses. With every successfully built castle, the player is required to build an even more advanced castle for higher rewards. To make sure that progression through the game is not lost, Castle Builder also has a built in game save feature which marks progress and saves it so that you can continue the next time you log on. This is great since players do not have to keep on replaying already completed levels as well as ensuring the operators get repeat business from players who want to complete the game.

Other features in this revolutionary game include the endless playing mode which comes after the completion of the building of all castles in the three kingdoms. This is a feature of the massive content that Castle Builder has to keep players busy and interested, thus raising it a cut above the rest.

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