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It’s judgment day for Terminator 2 slot!

It’s judgment day for Terminator 2 slot!

Terminator franchise is tying up with micro gaming to bring some explosive, action packed reel gaming your way this summer as they unveil the slot reel based on ‘Terminator 2: Judgment day’. With 243 ways to win in the 5 reel game and a bonus 781 ways unleashed in free spins, this is going to be one exciting slot game to get your hands on. Sarah Connor, John Connor, T-1000, T-800 are some of the iconic graphics that bring the movie to life in this reel game. Animation and graphics here are top notch and a single scatter could be triggering the free spins, giving you more action packed gaming.

In the free spins bonus feature, the liquid metal killing machine, T-1000 can morph into any character offering players some incredibly high wins to take away. With visuals to play out on a 16:9 ratio screen at 720p, fans will not be disappointed as the reel game relives iconic moments from the movie through interactive displays and graphics. Based on a fabulous multi-billion grosser of a movie franchise, this is a much anticipated game that everyone is excitedly waiting for. The T-800 vision feature lets players see things exactly like the terminator does in the movie, as the game initializes showing a screen that is all red with data overlaid on it.

Thrilling movie clips interspersed between the gaming action makes fans relive the glory of this award winning series. The sound track is electrifying as it is made from scratch to seamlessly weave the game into the movie series. The base game comes with 5 star studded video clips and random T-800 vision feature can trigger mystery wins with exciting cash prizes if all high symbols pop up on the eerie red screen. Ride into the glory of victory with this exciting Terminator 2 reel game, which will hike up the heat levels this summer.

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