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Dr Watts Up

Dr Watts Up

What’s Dr Watts Up All About?

Dr Watts Up is the new slot game that is set to release in June 2013. This game offers its players 243 wins over 5 reels and includes a scatter symbol, a bonus pick feature and even free spins. Other than that, it also offers 480,000 coins in jackpot, which is surely a big win. Because the game has a medical lab theme, you can expect to see a wild world of scientists who are busy developing potions and conducting other scientific experimentations while you play.

As an online gambler, you already know that the most important aspect in any game is the graphics that are used. As far as this game’s graphics are concerned, they are without a doubt more than brilliant. Complementing them are a long list of creative characters, such as the monkey, robot, rat in a glass tube and laboratory laser machine, which will surely drive the game to the top of your list of slot games.

When you are playing the game, you must remember to keep an eye out for the Dr Watts Up logo as it acts as a wild card symbol. Even though the wild symbol will match with other symbols in the slot game, it won’t match with the scatter symbol. When you do get the wild symbol, you can expect a lot of great animations.

Aside from the Dr Watts Up logo, you also need to look out for the nucleus as this will activate the free spins feature. Once these free spins are activated, you will be rewarded with spins raging anywhere from 10-20 free spins.

Playing this game will surely keep get you hooked for hours, especially since its results and wins will be more than expected with the right strategy and ample luck.

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