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Jurassic Park

Jurassic Park

Microgaming has come out with highly impressive online slots in the past, including Thunderstruck II and Immortal Romance. Now it is releasing another online video slot that is also based on another hit movie. This time, it is the iconic 1993 film by Steven Spielberg, Jurassic Park. The Jurassic Park online video slot game features ultra realistic graphics, coupled with astounding audiovisual effects worthy of the Academy Award-winning film. It makes use of the standard 5-reel game design and offers many features that allow players to win big.

The Gameplay

Online video slots are pretty straightforward, and the same applies to the Jurassic Park slot game. Utilizing the 243 ways-to-win system, this 5-reel game lets players start raking in their winnings by having left to right adjacent symbols combination. Players also have the chance at multiple winning combinations per way, while the Scatter symbol pays in any position.

Even during the Base Game, players can immediately start raking in their winnings once the T-Rex Alert Mode is triggered. But what truly make the Jurassic Park slot even more rewarding are the Free Spin bonus features, where players can win up to £95 000.00. Triggered by 3, 4, or 5 Scatter symbols, each Free Spin Bonus feature gives players 12 free spins, and unique features.
There are 5 Free Spin Bonuses, and each with corresponding features. The Tyrannosaurus Rex Bonus offers Wild Reels, the Velociraptor Bonus gives either Split Wilds or Multiplier Wilds, the Brachiosaurus Bonus comes with Mysterious Multipliers that can award from 2x to 6x, the Triceratops Bonus has Running Wilds, while the Dilophosaurus comes with Winning Wilds that can substitute for all the symbols. In each of these five, their respective symbols will stack 3 symbols deep on all reels.

The Game Design

We have already mentioned how Microgaming designed the Jurassic Park video game with audiovisuals and graphics that are comparable with that of the film. In fact, many would even say that it is better, since the imagery made use of cutting edge technology that was not available at the time Spielberg made the film. The attention to detail was astounding, from the scenery which represents a jungle in the middle of an island, to the prehistoric dinosaurs that look so realistic, thanks to the latest 3D technology. Even the stars from the movie such as Sam Neill and Richard Attenborough are immortalized in all their 3D glory.
The inclusion of footage from the movie in the game is also guaranteed to lure the fans of the movie. In fact, the whole thing looks so cinematic, and this is further enhanced by the use of the soundtrack from the original film.


If Microgaming plays their cards right, and the Jurassic Park™ online video slot game is a massive success, the online gaming community is sure to expect more from them. Already, it has been confirmed that they are set to release a game off the HBO hit series Game of Thrones as well as another iconic film, Terminator 2. If what we’ve seen of the Jurassic Park™ video slot is anything to go by, Microgaming has another hit in their hands.


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