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RoboJack – The Top Online Slot Of The Month

RoboJack – The Top Online Slot Of The Month

When you review so many new slot games, eventually you think that you have seen everything. Fortunately, you can have games like Microgaming’s Robo Jack that prove to me that I have not seen everything yet, a pleasant surprise indeed.

The theme
Even though most people are going to play slots for the ability to win big, I do want to mention the Robo Jack theme right away. The colorful graphics, the five different robots that you can choose from (each of them with their own animations and personality) really set the game apart from many of the other options on the market. The graphics and the sounds really fit in with the futuristic theme.

Free spins
You can trigger the Free Spins Bonus feature with three, four, or five Scatter symbols. You have to decide between five robots once you get in the Free Spin Bonus feature. Each robot has its own special power, this really sets the game apart from many others. You can even reject the first option when you select your first robot, thus giving you a chance with a different robot. Depending on the robot you play with, it is possible to get upwards of 60 free spins!

The wins
When you play Robo Jack, you have a chance to win upwards of 90,000 with each play. Even though most people are going to be chasing that jackpot for a long time, it is still a great payout for a great game. If you are not enticed by a 90,000 jackpot in a slot game, you may be reading the wrong review right now.

The verdict
Giving that the game is made by Microgaming, I knew that Robo Jack would offer a number of different features before I started playing. I knew that it would have great graphics and sounds, and a great bonus system. Having said that, I was STILL surprised at how good the game was when first playing. Robo Jack is going to usher in a new space era for gamers who want some more excitement in their slots.

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